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While many of the blog’s founding authors have gone on to other endeavors, there is still an interest in keeping this blog going. I would love to see it as an outlet for some of you who have thought about blogging but aren’t quite ready to start your own blog. For me, blogging on Holy Protection gave me a way to find my writing voice and the confidence to begin other blogging adventures. I have ideas for starting another blog of my own, but until those ideas come to fruition I will still be blogging occasionally here.
I am also opening up this blog to those who want to guest post here to test out blogging or gain a wider audience for their blog. If you have an idea for a guest post here, please email me at omorton9 at gmail dot com. I know you each have something valuable to offer the blog!


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4 responses

  1. Olivia: I’d be happy to contribute some things at some point—after Aug 15th, when I finish off my master’s dissertation. :)

    08.01.13 at 7:05am

  2. I’d also be happy to contribute! Expect an email from me after I defend my thesis and graduate August 17 ;)

    08.01.13 at 7:07pm

  3. Olivia

    I am saving a spot for each of you! I look forward to reading your contributions.

    08.02.13 at 8:37am

  4. Awesome, looking forward to contributing! Y’all have built a great following, and earned a good reputation in the international community.

    08.02.13 at 12:41pm

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